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Digital Services

Variable Print – On Demand

Take The Precision Path Into The Mind Of Your Audience.

Data-driven print transports your message directly to your target with speed and accuracy.

So that you can benefit from this technology, Think Patented offers you one of the largest footprints and most advanced digital publishing and print facilities in the region. Our high-tech solutions make it easy to test-market a campaign or product, update key factors to strengthen the message or offer, or customize data charts and graphs that resonate with an audience of one.

The applications are almost limitless. So are the benefits. What are you waiting for?

On Line – On Demand

The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It.

Imagine being able to rush your message to market in hours instead of days. It is a competitive edge you can quickly create with the web-to-print technology at Think Patented.

Produce print, PURLs, and email communications on demand using permission-based access and the highest standards of security.

Use the same data or upload new. Store lists and templates to access in the future. Print it. Blast it. Track it. And watch your future unfold according to plan.