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New Customer Portal

Introducing: InSite, Think Patented’s new Customer PrePress Portal.

"Efficiency and agility drives our new Customer PrePress Portal"

What is InSite?

InSite is an industry leading Unified Workflow system that  allows Think Patented to connect closer with clients and offer unprecedented scalability and adaptability to customer needs.

InSite is a portal that connects you directly into Think Patented’s automated work flow.  Through InSite you can upload files, check proofs, mark up the proofs, submit correction pages and approve/reject pages.  Multiple people can collaborate at the same time on proofs in InSite.  Automated emails are sent when files are uploaded or pages are approved or rejected.  Customers receive email notifications when proofs are ready view. Using InSite will speed up the job submission and proofing process for you. You’ll save money by not having to pay shipping costs for the proofs. Utilizing InSite also conforms with our Green initiatives, reducing the amount of materials and fuel that are consumed in the creation and shipping of physical proofs. Using InSite helps us both reduce our carbon footprints. Below is the link that will take you directly to our InSite Portal.

Insite Portal:

Insite Resources:

Why InSite?

Insite user guide