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Imagination and technology are reshaping the landscape of communication.

So that you can benefit from this technology, Think Patented combines one of the largest footprints and most advanced digital and print facilities in the region with an advanced Web development team. Our high-tech solutions make it easy to take your marketing collateral to the next level by utilizing personalization in your pieces. Combining the power of the internet and the staying power of print can take your marketing ROI to whole new level.

On Line – On Demand. The Best Way to Predict Your Future Is to Create It.

Imagine being able to rush your message to market in hours instead of days. It is a competitive edge you can quickly create with web-to-print technology at Think Patented.

Our storefront technologies allow you to take your marketing materials and provide them to the masses either as static print on demand pieces or offer distributors or resellers to customize your pieces based on the guidelines and restrictions you set for the perfect solution to controlling your brand identity.

Produce print, PURLs, and email communications on demand using permission-based access and the highest standards of security.

Use the same data or upload new. Store lists and templates to access in the future. Print it. Blast it. Track it. Then watch your future unfold according to plan.

Mobile Tagging

What started as a simple black and white barcode for shopping at your local supermarket, has now become a global phenomenon that is capable of holding videos, web sites, contact information, coupons, and even games. In this white paper informative, you will discover why this exciting advancement is Advertiser's new choice for campaigns, and why consumers love them so much!

A QR code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar-code) that allows you to connect to a specific URL by using your camera phone. QR comes from ”Quick Response“ code, because its contents can be decoded at high speed. While there are different names and forms of QR codes, the ones we have listed below are currently the most popular.

QR Code: QR codes are a popular type of two-dimensional barcode. They are also known as hard links or physical world hyper links. QR codes store up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters of arbitrary text, which can be anything. For example: a URL, contact information, a telephone number, or a coupon. To see some examples of this code, follow the links listed: 

AR Code: (Augmented Reality) This Augmented Reality code can work utilizing a webcam or camera, and makes it possible to view a live or indirect view of a real world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. With AR codes, you can view multiple video clips by only taking a picture of one AR code. This particular code has not yet been utilized to its full potential, but be on the lookout for new advantages. Here is a link to a very cool example of an AR code:

Microsoft Tag: A Tag is a new kind of bar code, designed specifically to be scanned by a mobile phone. You can print, stick, or display Tags almost anywhere. When you scan it with your phone, it automatically opens a webpage, dials a phone number, or takes some other action on the phone. Simply scan a Tag anywhere you see it - on advertisements, signage, magazine articles, retail shelving, product packages, and storefronts - and gain access to websites, videos, reviews, contact information, social networks, discounts, promotions and more! You just have to download the free Tag Reader on your web enabled camera phone and you can start scanning Tags to interact with the world around you in new ways! To learn more, click on the link listed:

Beetagg code: It is very similar to the QR code with just a different look, and has security related mobile tagging options. Its' capabilities include: robust detection, unproblematic handling, easy communication and is great for applications that need a security layer like contests, voting, polls, ticketing, and coupons. You can go to the site listed to see an example of a working Beetagg.

Shot Code: This code is like the QR code, but is circular in form. Shot codes are designed to be read with a camera (those found on mobile phones and webcams), without the need to purchase other specialized hardware. They connect the consumer instantly to a specific web site or page. The link below provides a great example of a fun marketing campaign utilizing a shot code:

In order for your phone to read a QR code, you must have a camera and an internet connection. There are various QR code sites that will allow you to download a free reader for your phone. One easy way to download a reader is to go to the site listed: This will select the correct reader for your phone. Here are some popular 2D barcode readers:

  • Windows Mobile: Beetagg
  • iPhone: I-Nigma
  • Blackberry: I-Nigma or Beetagg
  • Android: Google zxing Reader
  • Nokia: I-Nigma

To summarize, QR codes and the numerous variations that are popping up are simply another tool for Marketers to connect with their target market. They add another dimension to a campaign, and when utilized correctly, they can add tremendous value. The ability to personalize QR codes, track the use and the ”cool/newness factor“, are making these more and more popular. It's hard to pick up a magazine these days and not see a QR code somewhere in the issue.The real success to these codes depend on two factors: how do they complement your campaign and is the content behind the code worth viewing. Remember, the URL attached to the code is being viewed on a mobile phone and should be mobile phone friendly.

To learn more about QR codes and how they might be able to assist your marketing efforts, give your Think Patented Account Representative a call today!

McGohan Brabender

Who was our client?

A company that provides group health insurance brokerage/account management/benefit consulting and communication services to companies of all sizes.

Customer Challenge: How to engage a base of prospects and turn them into sales.

How long was the Passport Program Duration?

The first customer touch point began in early May 2008 and concluded with the last touch point at the end of June 2008.

What were the Goals of the Program?

1. Secure face to face meetings with the Producers and their targeted business prospects

2. To drive new sales

Passport Program Outline: The Passport Program took our client’s targeted audience on a “virtual vacation” to six unique locations across the globe. The campaign began with a personalized postcard sent to all the pre-selected recipients (250), one week before the program launch. Two days before “go live” the targeted audience received a 10 second recorded voice message saying, “Your flights are on time and the virtual vacation will begin in 2 days, look for your passport to begin traveling. Get ready for takeoff!” Shortly after the voice message, the audience received the Travel package. The package label was customized with the Passport Program’s look and feel. Inside the Travel Package was a short flash CD, a Passport Book to be used to collect the destination “stamps” in the form of labels sent after they visited the destination. The Passport Package also included an immediate giveaway. The giveaway offer was for the recipients to upload a vacation photo and receive a custom calendar poster. Two days after receiving the Passbook, a targeted personalized postcard was mailed outlining the first destination on the trip – KEY WEST.

A call to action in the form of a Personalized URL brought the trip to Key West to life.

The 8 customized digitally printed postcards effectively drove the recipients to a series of 7 Personalized URL web sites, and 7 different flash files on each web site. Attached are the rest of the PURL sites and destinations.

There were follow-up print mailings including passport stickers and company information for the respondents, 4 or 5 downloadable components on each PURL touch, a t-shirt giveaway and a gift card for $100.00 to the restaurant of their choice. The entire Passport campaign combined for a total of 26 customer touch points.

A specialized application designed into the program led to the “5th grade” friendly flow and its overwhelming success. There was a vehicle in this PURL series where recipients could go back to a previous PURL if you missed a destination. Most PURL campaigns are executed as individual silos and you generally cannot “go back”. Although we were told it could not be done, the experts at Think Patented incorporate a backtrack feature not seen in most PURL campaigns.

Program Outcome: Our client had a full participation level of 21% and to date they can track almost $250,000.00 in actual book sales results! YES, that is a quarter of a million dollars from this campaign series. They will DEFINITELY develop additional integrated print, promotion and PURL campaigns with Think Patented. The return on investment our client yielded proved to be 13 times more successful than their target goal. Not only did the outstanding design and creative workflow lead to the campaign’s enormous success. But the effective use of the integrated technology and digital marketing helped secured more leads and closed more sales than any other programs they had tried in the past.

To Learn more how Think Patented can help your company use Personalized URL Technology to drive Sales or Collect better customer information, please contact Your Think Patented Account Representative 937-254-4023